Infrastructure Self Service and Automation

In today's cloud-enabled world, there are few initiatives that have a faster return on investment than infrastructure self-service and automation. Automation is simply having software code perform the fiddly, time consuming tasks within your IT environment.  Yes, you could do these manually, but some tasks can be fairly repetitive (boring!), will also require you to perform the work out of hours (no thanks!), and are subject to mistakes (we are only human).

Automation isn’t just about provisioning virtual servers. You can also automate the installation and configuration of the applications they host! This is a critical and often overlooked component of new server provisioning that is often the cause of long delays when waiting for a server to be truly ready for use. 

Imagine if you could remove delays, improve consistency and eliminate errors, and extend provisioning capability directly to the key people in your business?

By introducing automation and self-service into your datacentre, you can minimise the time it takes to complete the repetitive tasks such as VM creation, host management, Hyper-V host provisioning, and server patching. These results in faster turnaround of requests and leaves you with time to concentrate on more important tasks.

Our datacentre self-service and automation services include:

  • System Center App Controller implementation (user self-service of configured server VMs)
  • Development of Service Templates (more than just machine templates)
  • Bare Metal Provisioning of Hyper-V Hosts
  • Implementation of Cluster Aware host updating and patching
  • System Center Virtual Machine Manager implementation
  • System Center Orchestrator implementation