Olikka is a first class services provider for medium to large corporations, local and state governments, and multinational enterprises.

We provide expert services, including strategy, implementation, and ongoing as-a-service, for both on-premises and cloud-native systems.

Our focus is on cloud and end user computing for the enterprise workplace.


End User Computing

End user computing in the workplace is undergoing a major shift: BYOD, mobility, wearables, SaaS, and corporate app stores.

We integrate new technology options with your existing infrastructure, to deliver your users a better work experience.

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  • Windows 10 icon-plus-white
  • Citrix icon-plus-white
  • Config Manager (SCCM) icon-plus-white
  • Air Watch icon-plus-white
  • InTune (EMS) icon-plus-white


Cloud computing replaces inflexible on-prem solutions with agile alternatives, freeing resources to focus on business IT.

We design, integrate, migrate and automate cloud services, to deliver a flexible infrastructure capable of business change.

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  • Azure icon-plus-white
  • Azure AD / ADFS icon-plus-white
  • Cloud Backup/DR icon-plus-white
  • SaaS Integration icon-plus-white
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The landscape of modern enterprise IT is changing a lot. Cloud, as-a-service, apps, mobility and automation options are increasing the capability and expectations of IT in your business.

Through a collaborative process, we deliver you the strategy and roadmap you need to leverage modern technologies, and set the scene for business innovation and IT flexibility.

Our strategic work ensures that you have a clear plan of how to get things done.

Common engagements currently include End User Computing Strategy and Cloud Infrastructure Strategy.



Professional Services

We provide IT professional services to design, build and deploy first class end user computing and cloud solutions.

Professional and Flexible. We usually work on a project basis but are flexible and can structure our engagements to suit you; Fixed Price, T&M, or Agile. It's your call.

With as-a-service now common in enterprise IT, many organisations have expressed two desires: custom management of cloud services, and the option of running on-premises solutions as-a-service.

Olikka-as-a-service delivers both on-premises solutions as-a-service, and a value layer on cloud services as SaaS.

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  • Azure icon-plus-white
  • EMMicon-plus-white
  • Office 365 icon-plus-white
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  • Backup & DRicon-plus-white
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Our Partners

We select our partners based on what we believe is truly good for our customers, and continually assess their products and capabilities to ensure they are the right fit.

When we add a new partner or technology, we take it seriously. We invest the time to ensure we deliver top notch solutions for our customers.


When starting a piece of work, Olikka take the time to truly understand what we are trying to achieve. This leads to a more tailored solution design and a successful engagement. I often see other vendors delivering a technology rather than understanding what the client is trying to achieve


IT Manager, Endpoint Infrastructure Services
Jacobs Engineering

I like the energy and freshness Olikka brings to our organisation. When Olikka’s consultants are discussing my infrastructure, they use ‘we’ or ‘our’ when talking – it feels like they are part of the business.


Manager, Information Systems
Wyndham City Council

Olikka’s work, professionalism, and commitment has been outstanding, and depth of knowledge excellent. One of the key success factors for us was the flexible and creative way in which we could work with Olikka to address our needs and push the envelope a bit.


IT Manager
Firbank Grammar School

My experience with Olikka is they provided great service and are a pleasure to deal with, so I am happy to recommend them.


Director of Technology
Corrs Chamber Westgarth