Manage users and secure your environment.

Enable seamless, secure access for end users .

Identity and Access Management

Securing data and preventing unauthorised access has traditionally caused big headaches for enterprises. A successful Identity and Access Management (IAM) solution can help remedy this, defining and managing roles and access privileges for end users while simplifying identity lifecycle management with automated workflows and reducing the need for different usernames and passwords.

Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) is Microsoft’s multi-tenant, cloud-based directory, and identity management service that underpins Office 365 and Azure services (right: Azure AD introduction video). Olikka uses Azure AD for provisioning and synchronisation, single sign-on and multi-factor authentication. Azure AD can also do provisioning and deprovisioning for many SaaS services.

Olikka IAM Solutions:
Streamlining user experience, increasing security, compliance and business effeciency

Olikka has built many identity and access management solutions.  We leverage tools such as One Identity Tools, Microsoft Identity Manager(MIM), Azure AD and Okta.

Olikka IAM solutions automate repetitive tasks reducing time administrating identities, managing privileged accounts and controlling access. Our solutions can leverage internal platforms such as HR systems to automatically provision accounts in Active Directory when new users join and also deprovision/disable users when they leave.

Vendor Agnostic


Olikka approaches each engagement with an open mind and provides the best possible solution based on customers’ requirements. Olikka possesses experts in multiple platforms and has delivered projects for many large enterprises.

Workflow and approval


Olikka has experience designing and configuring access and change request processes backed by approval workflows and automatic changes to back-end systems.



Access management systems such as Azure AD and Okta allow the creation of policies that restrict access to applications based on time or physical location such as outside the corporate network by requesting multi-factor authentication. These platforms also enable single sign-on for users across multiple on-premises and cloud applications using their corporate username and password.

Password reset features can be used to reset forgotten passwords both inside and outside the corporate network based on answer pre-registered questions and MFA.

Data cleansing


Active Directory and other connected systems may contain duplicate accounts or invalid data records which can cause integration issues and rework in the identity management system. Olikka will review and assist in the remediation process to ensure matching of records across systems.

Data synchronisation and identity management


The identity management system can keep all connected systems in sync and ensure that modified data is reflected across organisation applications and systems. The source of authority can be different for individual attributes if necessary to ensure consistency.