November 8, 2018 John Pane

Are you running a successful modern Service Desk?

Changing trends in customer and user expectations continue to challenge the way (enterprise/organisations) Service Desks deliver value to business operations. More and more organisations are seeing the Service Desk become a community hub – using multiple communication channels, and varied levels of automation to support users. But this growing complexity and increased user expectation can make it difficult to service your customers and users in a way to actually resolve problems and work in your business.

  • Are you struggling to meet the evolving demands of your customers and end users?
  • How efficiently do your agents communicate, share knowledge and resolve problems?
  • Does your IT service management tool truly support your business strategy?
  • Is it flexible, available, financially viable and able to meet rapidly changing demand?

If you need help to address these varied challenges, book your bonus 1 hour consultation with one of our specialist consultants.

What’s included in your hour session:
1. Techniques and identification of opportunities to eliminate and automate.
3. Engagement opportunities to change and enhance the Customer Experience – Mobile, Chat, Self Service.
3. Measure the Customer Experience, how and what to do with the results.
4. Processes, Workflow and Innovation ideas.

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