Azure as a Service

Keep up to date with the ton of changes and releases in Microsoft Azure. Olikka will help manage Azure change releases, optimise your Azure subscription costs and regularly update your cloud architecture to ensure it remains relevant and in line with current Microsoft best practices.



We'll use Olikka’s cloud monitoring solution to monitor the availability and performance of your cloud based resources and provide monthly costing information grouped by application, company, department or region as per your requirements. We'll also monitor your cloud based backups to ensure you can recover workloads when you need to.

Compliance and Security
We'll ensure that your cloud resources meet your security requirements and best practices, are regularly patched as per your change processes and have appropriate access control. We'll also ensure that the location and storage profile complies to your performance and regulatory requirements.

Manage Existing infrastructure
We can extend Olikka's cloud monitoring to manage your existing on-premises infrastructure, ensuring management of all workloads and applications irrespective of their location


Improve & Innovate

Feature Releases
We'll represent Microsoft at change meetings by keeping your informed of mayor cloud features, releases and beta products that we think will add value to your cloud environment. Once we've explained the benefits, we'll then work with you to get the new features enabled in your cloud environment

We'll seek to optimise the costs and management of your cloud environment by using autoscale and PaaS features where we can and where they make sense, as we want to make sure you're getting the scalability and agility benefits you expect from cloud

When starting a piece of work, Olikka take the time to truly understand what we are trying to achieve. This leads to a more tailored solution design and a successful engagement. I often see other vendors delivering a technology rather than understanding what the client is trying to achieve


IT Manager, Endpoint Infrastructure Services
Jacobs Engineering

I like the energy and freshness Olikka brings to our organisation. When Olikka’s consultants are discussing my infrastructure, they use ‘we’ or ‘our’ when talking – it feels like they are part of the business.


Manager, Information Systems
Wyndham City Council

Olikka’s work, professionalism, and commitment has been outstanding, and depth of knowledge excellent. One of the key success factors for us was the flexible and creative way in which we could work with Olikka to address our needs and push the envelope a bit.


IT Manager
Firbank Grammar School

My experience with Olikka is they provided great service and are a pleasure to deal with, so I am happy to recommend them.


Director of Technology
Corrs Chamber Westgarth