Backup and DR as a Service

Leverage the Azure cloud to protect your on premise and cloud workloads. Orchestrate recovery operations and take advantage of simple migration of applications to Azure. Meet your RPO and RTO times by constantly monitoring backup and replication performance and fine tune as needed.




We’ll ensure all your workloads and protected using our secure, automated policy-based backup, leveraging the Azure cloud. This way, your data is always online and ready to be restored whenever you need it. Restore virtual machines, applications, servers or a whole network locally or in the cloud in minutes.

Orchestrated Cloud DR
Using our clever automation runbooks, you can rest assured that we can recover an entire site, a complex multi-tiered application or a single server in the event of a disaster, all in Azure. We map virtual networks between your primary site and our Azure recovery site, and test disaster recovery plans whenever you want without disrupting the services at your primary location. Simple.

Take Advantage
We store your medium-long term backups in Azure and we replicate your workloads to make our DR magic possible. By having this data from workloads in Azure enables new capabilities. Applications can be migrated to Azure with just a few clicks, or burst to Azure temporarily when you encounter a surge in demand.. DevTest new versions of applications with copies of live data, and then seamlessly put the new version into production in your datacenter.


Improve & Innovate

We’ll validate that services and applications are functioning correctly by performing monthly restores in isolation, we won’t just restore a bunch of meaningless files. We’ll execute complete DR tests at whatever frequency you choose and report back on actual RPO and RTO times.

We’ll continually strive to reduce your RPO and RTO times by constantly monitoring backup and replication performance and tweaking what’s possible, whenever possible. We’ll constantly review and validate our runbooks to make sure we stay up to date with your changing environment and ensure your DR plan isn’t outdated and irrelevant.

When starting a piece of work, Olikka take the time to truly understand what we are trying to achieve. This leads to a more tailored solution design and a successful engagement. I often see other vendors delivering a technology rather than understanding what the client is trying to achieve


IT Manager, Endpoint Infrastructure Services
Jacobs Engineering

I like the energy and freshness Olikka brings to our organisation. When Olikka’s consultants are discussing my infrastructure, they use ‘we’ or ‘our’ when talking – it feels like they are part of the business.


Manager, Information Systems
Wyndham City Council

Olikka’s work, professionalism, and commitment has been outstanding, and depth of knowledge excellent. One of the key success factors for us was the flexible and creative way in which we could work with Olikka to address our needs and push the envelope a bit.


IT Manager
Firbank Grammar School

My experience with Olikka is they provided great service and are a pleasure to deal with, so I am happy to recommend them.


Director of Technology
Corrs Chamber Westgarth