November 24, 2018 Michael Wines

Brisbane Amazon WorkSpaces Breakfast

Olikka is a leader in delivering enterprise Amazon WorkSpaces solutions across Australia, and so with help from our AWS partners in Brisbane, we presented on the next evolution of the desktop over breakfast.

Amazon WorkSpaces enables end users to work from anywhere and Olikka has created a powerful Amazon WorkSpaces Solution Toolkit and Self Service Hub to provide an even better end user experience.

Amazon WorkSpaces Solution Toolkit by Olikka
Automated Provisioning: Controls provisioning and deprovisioning of all your virtual desktops by simply adding or removing a user from an active directory group.

Insights Dashboard: Obtains full visibility with a dashboard that provides a high-level overview of your Amazon WorkSpaces environment including the number of connected machines, ping time response of each machine, and the ability to reboot a virtual desktop.

Amazon WorkSpaces Helper: Chats with Olikka’s self-service chat bot powered by artificial intelligence (AI), called Ollie to get help with any issues you may have with your Amazon WorkSpaces.

Self Service Hub by Olikka
Taking IT help desks to a new level, Self Service Hub is an Amazon WorkSpaces service desk assistant that utilises voice recognition through Alexa for Business and facial recognition through AWS DeepLens to create a smart and personable trouble-shooter.

What is Amazon WorkSpaces?
WorkSpaces is a secure, work anywhere, managed cloud desktop service that can be used to provision either Windows or Linux desktops in just a few minutes and provides amazing scalability. Flexible payment terms ensure that you only ever pay for what you use, helping enterprise save money when compared to traditional desktops and on-premises VDI solutions. It provides end users a fast, responsive and tailored desktop access anywhere, anytime, from any supported device.

Benefits of Amazon WorkSpaces:

– Reduce costs
– Easy desktop provisioning
– Improve data security
– Easily manage your desktop resources
– Flexible OS deployment options
– Directory integration