Navigating Uncertainty

Olikka's roadmap to help you navigate through this uncertain period.

Solution Overview

Your people are now working remotely. What should you be focussing on next?


Remote Worker Enablement

Access to Desktop and Apps
  • Windows Virtual Desktop
  • Amazon Workspaces
  • Citrix Expansion
  • Deploy laptops to all staff
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Meetings & Collaboration
  • Extend Teams to all staff
  • Chat and Channel enablement
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Cloud Migration
  • Expedite workload migration
  • Increase usage
  • Expand existing workloads
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Distributed Workforce

Managing Devices
  • InTune Managed
  • Extend SCCM to remote users
  • Remote Patching
  • Remote Windows Builds
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Elevated Collaboration
  • Teams Lifecycle process
  • Channel Structure
  • Channel Moderation
  • App Moderation
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Identity & Access
  • Multifactor Auth
  • Azure AD enablement
  • Conditional Access
  • Self Service Passwords
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Cloud Cost Management
  • Cost reduction activities
  • Further monitoring and visibility
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Productive Workforce

Modern Management
  • Modern Management
  • InTune MAM
  • Productivity Apps
  • Autopilot
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Productive Collaboration
  • Channel Moderation
  • Collaborative Culture
  • Productivity Apps
  • Further App Integration
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  • Information Protection
  • Threat Protection
  • Password-less
  • Identity Protection
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Cloud Optimisation
  • Authorisation Improvements
  • Extend to secondary provider
  • Enhance monitoring
  • Implement Compliance Solution
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Remote Worker Enablement

Enterprises all over the world responded to COVID-19 by enabling remote working for all their staff.

Olikka's Remote Worker Enablement solution provides your workers with access to your corporate apps and desktop, whilst enabling collaboration between co-workers.

Olikka's Remote Worker Solutions:

Microsoft - Remote Worker Enablement

AWS - Remote Worker Enablement

Distributed Workforce

As organisations settle into a "new normal" of remote working they face emerging challenges. Like how to manage devices that are constantly remote. Or how to mirror the same rich collaboration you had working together in an office. And how to regain control of your cloud costs after the recent surge to migrate.

Olikka's distributed workforce solutions help you manage these unanticipated challenges.

Olikka's Distributed Workforce Solutions:

Remote Workforce - Managing Devices

Azure Cloud Cost Management

AWS Cloud Cost Management

Productive Workforce

A productive workforce is your organisation’s north star - your want to empower your staff by providing ways to resolve and request services as needed.  

A productive workforce amplifies productivity and collaboration by integrating business workflows and processes with Microsoft Teams.  A productive workforce stays protected with modern security services like information protection and advanced compliance solutions.

Olikka's Productive Workforce Solutions:

Modern Management

Olikka Security Halo

Azure Cloud Security and Compliance

AWS Cloud Security, Compliance and Governance

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