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“Our internal team was upskilled by Olikka to deliver a highly successful migration which has reduced our server count by two thirds while delivering a step change in the performance of our business systems.” Andrew Stoneham, Joval Chief Technology Officer


The Joval Group decided to make a move to a public cloud. They needed to withdraw from their third-party hosted datacentre. They also hosted several workloads on AWS. Joval chose to migrate to Microsoft Azure Cloud and Olikka’s task was to help them do so in the most efficient way possible.

One of the biggest challenges faced was the migration of an IIS and SQL Servers in AWS and on premises datacenter to Azure PaaS Services. Due to database cross connectivity and configuration complications, this posed migration problems.

As phase one was about to start, Microsoft notified Joval of a license audit. An audit would of delayed the migration and possibly forced Joval to look at another cloud provider.

Joval needed an expert partner that could implement their vision and that would guide the upskilling process of their internal team.


Joval was able to migrate from AWS and on-premises datacentre to Azure with minimal fuss.

The partnership with Olikka allowed Joval to realise the long-term benefits of an agile environment and of building capability in-house.

Aside from cost efficiency, the shift enabled Joval to gain better control of their data security. The project also demonstrated a flexible partnership design wherein Joval’s team was upskilled by Olikka, empowering them to do a lift and shift. This approach will help Joval significantly improve IT performance and resilience.

As part of Olikka’s support services, the team helped Joval resolve a Microsoft audit that would of prevented 100% Azure consumption. Olikka leveraged its expertise of the Microsoft suite and its strong partnership with the company to help Joval complete its Azure migration.

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