Cloud Strategy and Design

Queensland Rail (QR) has a stated strategic direction to transition to a hybrid Infrastructure as a Service model. QR identified that the initial design of the hosted environment was vital to ensuring the future success of the hybrid cloud strategic initiative.


Although QR had a stated strategic direction to

‘transition to a hybrid infrastructure as-a-service model’,

extra detail and clarity was needed to allow QR’s many and diverse ICT stakeholders (both internal and external) to adequately plan and prioritise their workloads to align to this stated strategy direction.


QR has hybrid cloud artefacts, agreed by all stakeholders, inclusive of a High-Level Design and costed Roadmap. Stakeholders have more detail and clarity around the pending move towards a hybrid cloud infrastructure and through this improved understanding can better plan for this significant strategic change.

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Cloud Strategy and Architecture

A global food and beverage company needed help with strategic technology planning. They naturally turned to Olikka for a best-in-class outcome.

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