WorkSpaces production deployment for online bookmaker Sportsbet

Sportsbet required a secure, managed, virtual desktop and corporate applications environment for their users based in Australia and Europe.


Sportsbet required a secure, managed, virtual desktop and corporate applications environment for their users based in Australia and Europe. These users were performing standard business functions and required secure access to Sportsbet’s data and applications.


The Amazon WorkSpaces solution delivered by Olikka comprised of a standard bundle powered by Windows Server 2016 image with Windows 10 desktop experience, a dedicated custom VPC as per AWS best practice, AWS Lambda functions to automate WorkSpaces provisioning and deprovisioning, and Sportsbet’s existing SCCM platform to automate customization of the base image and deploy on-demand applications and monthly security patches. 

To optimize performance Olikka chose to distribute the Sportsbet WorkSpaces 2016 Servers close to the different users by enabling this solution in multiple AWS regions. Ireland was chosen for the European zone of users while Sydney was chosen for Australia.

Olikka ensured that their most experienced professionals were resourced onto this project and possessed the already developed- Olikka WorkSpaces Toolkit. The Toolkit is a powerful group of tools which enables automated provisioning, greater enterprise visibility and manageability of WorkSpaces through an insights dashboard as well as a Workspaces Helper for the end user. The Amazon WorkSpaces helper is a Chatbot powered by artificial intelligence, called Ollie to get help with any issues that the user may have with Amazon WorkSpaces. Olikka also extended the dashboard for this project so that Service Desk staff are able to administrator a WorkSpaces from the dashboard without requiring access to the  AWS management console.

By leveraging our experience and extensive end-user computing knowledge we were able to provide a first-class solution that had great user adoption, requires minimal ongoing maintenance and enabled the agility and scalability without significant upfront investments in hardware.

The Benefits
Speed of deployment- The solution offered by Olikka enables the customer to deploy a secure, modern Windows 10 desktop environment to a new user in less than 30 minutes without the need of any manual input. 

Ease of use – Olikka expanded the dashboard functionality by adding federated authentication powered by Amazon Cognito. This enables administrators to re-size and re-boot workspaces directly from the dashboard. 

Improved workspace visibility and management- Olikka’s Amazon WorkSpaces Toolkit, includes a custom developed insights dashboard providing greater visibility of Amazon Workspaces environment including the number of connected machines, ping time response of each machine, and the ability to reboot a virtual desktop. Apart from this, it also ensures better monitoring capabilities and improved manageability of the Sportsbet Amazon WorkSpaces.

Enhanced end user experience- Olikka’s methodology helps in delivering high quality, fully managed, portable desktops and applications to users on the devices of their choice.

Improved Security- The solution offered by Olikka helps in interweaving security into all aspects of Amazon Workspaces, including multi-factor authentication, OS hardening, encryption settings, and security support requirements. The toolkit now also allows Service Desk staff to administrator WorkSpaces to users without having AWS console access.

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