“Gartner surveys show that 42 percent of CEOs have begun Digital Business Transformation.”

Olikka’s Digital Transformation leverages technology that will innovate and create a powerful business ability for tomorrow’s marketplace.


Olikka’s ability to migrate and automate cloud services provides the perfect base to launch your very own Digital Transformation journey. Our experience, technical ability and in-house development team make Digital Transformation a reality for your organisation.

The building blocks of Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation

Strategy & Culture

Business requires strong strategy and culture to lead to digitisation of services.

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Staff & Customer Engagement

Strong engagement provides great adoption and improved transformation.

End User Computing Solutions

Process & innovation

Required for coherent action to take place.

Digital Transformation


Rarely a differentiator
but an enabler, therefore it’s vital that the right technology is embraced.

Digital Transformation

Data & Analytics

Used for insights and evidence based decision making, crucial to moving digitisation forward.

Source: Ionolgy

Realising the benefits of Digital Transformation

Empower Employees

Enable your employees to spend more time working on tasks that provide your business ROI.

Engage Customers

Improve customer experiences, gain
promoters and realise increased profitability.

Optimise Operations

Streamline and automate operations to create improved customer service, lean resourcing and an improved product offering.

Transform Products

Digitising products removes physical barriers. Modern versions of traditional products are now unrecognisable, take Netflix and Blockbuster for instance.