Repco: Active Directory Upgrade and Remediation

Active Directory Upgrade and Remediation

Industry: Automotive

Company Size: 10,000+

Project Overview

Repco completed a Windows Server 2003 replacement project, which saw most of these servers either replaced or upgraded with Windows Server 2012 R2 Servers. A number of servers that were upgraded included the Active Directory domain controllers. Repco found themselves with a mix of Windows Server 2008 and Windows Server 2012 domain controllers. In addition, the current Active Directory implementation had been outdated and no longer aligned with Repco standards and requirements.

Olikka reviewed and assessed the existing Active Directory environment, including understanding the current state and dependent workloads as well as any future considerations and initiatives, such as Cloud and network topology changes. This took place before architecting a new 2012 R2 based Active Directory Domain integrated with Azure AD. Olikka planned and executed the migration, and upgrade activities and provided support for post-upgrade issues, ensuring zero impact to users.

Olikka has added an optional File and Print server migration and an SCCM distribution point migration.


Repco was able to:
• Introduce new Windows 2012 R2-based domain controllers
• Decommission Windows 2008-based domain controllers
• Achieve forest and domain functional level of Windows 2012 R2
• Review and remediation of Active Directory security
• Remediate of Active Directory groups and policies
• Update test environment  to Windows Server 2012 R2
• Configure Skype for Business to provide presence and messaging
• Redesigned Active Directory environment based on Olikka and industry best practices
• Support for any issues that may of arisen from the change, knowledge transfer and documentation


– Microsoft Azure
– Windows Server 12
– Active Direcvtory
– Skype for Business

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