GUD: Enterprise Systems Strategy

Enterprise Systems Strategy

Industry: Consumer and Industrial Products

Company Size: 1,000+

Project Overview

GUD partnered with Olikka to complete an Enterprise Systems Strategy. This included investigating the current systems, people and processes within GUD business groups, to better understand the organisations current state and requirements to then develop an architecture enabling collaboration between the organisations whilst maintaining autonomy. The strategy roadmap consisted of three main phases

1. Foundation
2. Optimise
3. Realise


Olikka created an Enterprise Strategy document that:
– Described the current environment
– Identified challenges associated with the current environment
– Described the strategic end state

An Enterprise Strategy Roadmap document that:
– Identified projects/activities required to move to a strategic enterprise platform
– Identified and considered project dependencies, including technical, budgetary and training related dependencies

An activity roadmap that maps defined projects to planned implementation time frames for the next 2-3 years.

GUD stakeholders were provided a clear understanding of Enterprise Architecture and roadmap of activities to enable effective and consistent collaboration between business units. This provided confidence and allowed GUD’s leadership to effectively plan for the implementation of the resulting strategy.

Enterprise Systems Strategy


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