HydroTasmania: Airwatch Implementation

Airwatch Implementation

Industry: Utility

Company Size: 500+

Project Overview

Hydro Tasmania required a solution to centrally manage its mobile fleet allowing workers to move away from their current manual, high-touch processes that are both costly and inefficient. Hydro Tasmania’s preference was to initially focus on only core requirements, including the basic management of 120 iPad Minis, with a view to later expand on the solution.

Olikka proposed implementing AirWatch in an Integrated Cloud model to meet all of Hydro Tasmania’s core requirements. AirWatch is a market-leader in Enterprise Mobile Management (EMM) and, as such, provides a very feature-rich solution in a flexible model that is capable of being scaled and expanded upon quickly and easily.


Olikka’s approach included workshopping Hydro Tasmania’s requirements, transitioning them to a high-level AirWatch design that was documented and implemented. Additionally, Olikka worked with Hydro Tasmania to enroll and support the 120 iPad Minis. This workshop served as a knowledge transfer exercise ensuring Hydro Tasmania fully understood the solution.

The solution provided Hydro Tasmania with:

  • A workshopped and documented high-level design document for AirWatch tailored to their specific requirements
  • An Integrated Cloud implementation of AirWatch integrated with existing on-premises Microsoft Active Directory and Certificate Services infrastructure
  • An email-based mechanism to enroll devices
  • Configuration of iOS management capabilities, including Passcode and Lock Time enforcement, Active Sync and WiFi settings, application and certificate deployment
  • 120 iPad Minis enrolled and managed with AirWatch
  • A greater understanding of the advanced features and capabilities of AirWatch for future consideration and expansion, such as to service BYOD requirements


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