Helping energy companies become agile, resilient, competitive and sustainable.
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Working with the Energy Industry

The energy sector is under pressure to reduce carbon emissions while delivering available, reliable and affordable services. Olikka helpsenergy organisations deploy secure cloud transformations to modernise their IT infrastructures.

Improving resilience

High-profile cyber security attacks continue to plague the sector, creating vulnerabilities in power grids. Olikka helps energy organisations improve their security posture to thwart evolving cyber threats.

Modernising for agility

Digital transformation is the top strategic priority for executive leadership within the energy sector. Olikka assists organisations implementing emerging technologies to create new revenue streams, improve distribution and enhance customer engagement.

Sustainable competitive edge

Energy consumers expect personalised service, lower prices, reliability and efficiency as a standard. Olikkahelps energy providers place customer at the centre of their service delivery to retain market share and remain competitive.

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What’s next for Teams in 2021?

January 28, 2021

Early last year, IT leaders were forced to pivot strategy, resources, and budget to enable a remote work from home environment almost overnight.

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Olikka Solutions for the Energy Industry

As customers demand a digital, responsive and trust worthy service experience from their energy providers, companies must put the consumer at the centre of everything they do. Engage Olikka to help you overcome the complexities of digital transformation.

Virtual Desktop Solution

Olikka helps you implement Microsoft's cloud native virtual desktop, delivering scale, performance and simplicity.

Cloud-enablement for Windows 10

Modernise your Window’s for today’s cloud-first world with Olikka’s Enterprise Windows 10 solution.

Remote Worker Enablement

Looking for ways to improve productivity post COVID-19? Providing your users with the tools to work remotely – safely and effectively.

Productivity Assessment

Understand your productivity baseline to then improve processes, gain efficiencies and enhance collaborative capacity.

Modernising Cloud Strategy and Architecture

A Cloud Strategy and a Cloud Architecture are the circuits that define your cloud transformation. Using our methodology, achieve the right foundation that is critical to the success of your transformation.

Cloud Strategy & Architecture

A Cloud Strategy and a Cloud Architecture are the circuits that define your cloud transformation. Developing the right foundation is critical to the success of your transformation.