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Modernising residential services while empowering staff to kick digital goals
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Working with Local Government

Olikka places trust at the heart of local government through secured services and better collaboration and communication by bringing teams together.

Empowering users

As councils adapt to new ways of working and collaboration, it's important provide strategy and support. Olikka demonstrates the benefits of modern tools that place the control back in the users’ hands.

Modernising your cloud journey

We support your modernisation goals by bringing disparate business units together, uniting goals and streamlining infrastructure through a cloud-first strategy.

Delivering secure projects

Olikka supports your goals to build community confidence and trust by securing information, protecting critical infrastructure and ensuring compliance measures are met.

Let's talk about you achieve your technical goals

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Olikka helps Local Government get cloud-ready with Azure SQL PaaS migration

February 15, 2021

This local government customer is located in the west of the state of Victoria, Australia. The council plays a vital role in providing key administration and governance to a mainly urban population of more than 100,000 residents.

Local council Azure health check improves security, risk and infrastructure spend

December 9, 2020

Having recently migrated most of their critical business functions from on-premises data centres to Microsoft Azure as its strategic public cloud platform. A growing awareness of potential security vulnerabilities led the council to engage Olikka to undertake an Azure health check of their environment and provide key recommendations.

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Olikka Solutions for Local Government

As residents expect digital, responsive and trustworthy services, local governments must place trust and delivering projects on time and budget at the heart of the organisation. Engage Olikka to help you deliver better outcomes for residents and bring your users together through modernisation.

Modern Management

Leverage the power of cloud intelligence to manage all of your devices with Microsoft EndPoint Manager

Remote Worker Enablement

Looking for ways to improve productivity post COVID-19? Providing your users with the tools to work remotely – safely and effectively.

Cloud Strategy & Architecture Within Government

A Cloud Strategy and a Cloud Architecture are the foundations that define your cloud transformation. Developing the right foundation is critical to the success of your transformation.