January 14, 2019 Tarun Ohri

Why Amazon WorkSpaces?

AWS or Amazon Web Services is a secure cloud computing platform that provides on-demand services to companies, individuals, and governments on a subscription-based model.


AWS or Amazon Web Services is a secure cloud computing platform that provides on-demand services to companies, individuals, and governments on a subscription-based model. Before Amazon WorkSpaces AWS began offering IT infrastructure services to businesses in the form of web services, now known as cloud computing. Since then AWS has expanded expansively and now dominates the cloud market. In its June 2017 Magic Quadrant for Cloud Infrastructure as a service, Gartner noted, “AWS has been the market leader in cloud IaaS for over 10 years.”

What is Amazon WorkSpaces?

Amazon Web Services provides virtual desktops in the cloud with Amazon Workspaces – a fully managed desktop computing service which runs on the AWS cloud.   It allows consumers an effortless provision of cloud-based desktops that gives end users easy access to documents, resources, and applications they need on supporting devices. With just a few clicks in the Amazon Web Services Management Console, a high-quality cloud desktop experience can be provided to any number of users and at a competitive cost.

Why do we need Amazon WorkSpaces?

Often people ask for compelling reasons why they should use Amazon Web Services for their infrastructure needs. The growth of AWS since 2006, has moved from 18 regions to 13 countries, this speaks volumes about its power. Here, we have listed some benefits showing that AWS empowers the enterprises to do more and better.

    • Simple to use: The elimination of large physical desktop environment or complex VDI solutions and adoption of Amazon WorkSpaces ensures reduced complexity of usage and maintenance. There is no need to leverage workforce for infrastructure management or maintenance activities which further reduces cost and complexity and enables a business to focus on core revenue drivers.
  • Support multiple devices: Infrastructure on cloud has its own perks. Users have the freedom to access the virtual desktops through supported platforms anytime, and anywhere. Amazon WorkSpaces supports a comprehensive list of devices which includes MacBook’s, Chromebooks, Windows computers, Android tablets, and iPads.
    Integration with corporate directory and infrastructure – Integration with your corporate Active directory ensures that employees can continue to use the cloud infrastructure using existing enterprise credentials. This ensures seamless transition and adaptability.
    • No CapEx– AWS with zero capital expenditure (CapEX) enables the start-ups to leverage high-end infrastructure and technological needs. Start-ups shy away from cloud-computing solutions due to the high licensing costs, but AWS comes with no such price tag. The new enterprises or even the established ones can subscribe to AWS with no-upfront cost.
    • Subscription based services – AWS works on no-commitment principle. So, whether you require 5 WorkSpaces or 500, you only pay for what you use.
    • Increased speed and agility – Procuring new end user devices and deploying them with a custom corporate image can add significant manual administrative effort which is reduced to no or minimal effort with WorkSpaces
    • Pay as you go – With AWS you can think of infinite space for your archival or backup needs, up-scale/downscale a server, launch new servers, unlimited bandwidth and many more scalable features and services. This is because the enterprises need to pay only according to their actual usage.
    • Security – AWS offers world class highly secured infrastructure, both over the internet and physically. The customer can remain flexible in the event of most failure models that include natural disasters as well due to the availability zones and multiple geographic regions.
    • Capacity – With AWS, enterprises can very easily scale up or scale down to cater to fluctuating demand for resources as needed and only pay for what they use.
  • Go global in minutes- With AWS WorkSpaces, your users can access corporate resources from anywhere in the world as long they have an internet connection and a working device

Use cases of Amazon WorkSpaces

1. Mobile Device Access – Amazon Workspaces gives flexibility to the users who want to use their mobile devices such as; Android tablet, iPad or Kindle Fire, to access their desktops easily when they need it.
2. Secure Workspaces- It can help you meet strict compliance guidelines and deliver a managed desktop to users even when you have no control over physical access to desktops.
3. Seasonal Workers and Remote Employees- In case an enterprise has seasonal workers then Workspaces can be provided to them with all applications when they need and then can be terminated when they leave. Similarly, in case of employees working from home or are on off-site location, Amazon Workspaces enables the enterprise to provide access of applications to them by delivering cloud-desktop. Since the data is not stored locally, it is more secure.
4. Developers- Companies can provide Workspaces for developers. They can install tools for developers which are required by them to develop an app for your business. Since the source code is not saved on a developer’s device it makes the process more secure.

This is the reason why AWS is the market leader and still consistently innovating and delighting customers.

To add furhter value Olikka has developed a supporting WorkSpaces Toolkit with more info found here.