June 13, 2019 Tuomas Lankinen

Learning about the Olikka Security Halo

I delivered a show and tell, internal learning session that was focused on high-level aspects of Microsoft Cloud and included:

Azure Information Protection & Windows Information Protection,  covering data management and protection, as well as windows application management.

Privileged Identity Management & Access Review provides identity management and access to resources and groups.

Microsoft Cloud App Security, is about Compliance, Shadow IT and Conditional Access Application controls(Example of this would be to allow contractors only have “Read only” mode for sensitive data).

Advanced Threat Analytics & Azure Advanced Threat Protection, are two products that are similar, both designed to protect your network for Cyberattacks and anomalies.

Advanced Threat Analytics covers On-Prem while Azure Advanced Threat Protection covers both On-Prem and Azure aspects.

If you’d like to learn about any of the Microsoft Security products, then please get in touch with Olikka.