October 1, 2019 Tarun Ohri

Microsoft’s Windows Virtual Desktop – Q and A

What is Microsoft’s Windows Virtual Desktop and when will it be available?
Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) is Microsoft Azure based virtual desktop and virtual app solution to enable customers to securely access corporate resources from anywhere.

It is generally available(GA) as of 30 Sep 2019 from the US region only.  Over time it will be available in more regions around the globe.

So I can replace some of my legacy or on premises VDI solutions with WVD?
In short yes.  However, you need to take into consideration the nature of the applications you currently host in some of these solutions today, what is their tolerance for latency? how do users interact with them? and what supporting infrastructure (MFA, external facing devices, dedicated links) are already supporting these systems.

With a well thought out architecture and design, a cloud based virtual desktop solution will outperform an on premises solution while also introducing other benefits such as cost reduction, easier management and performance  improvements.

What are some of the key benefits of WVD?
Cloud based virtual desktops offer a ton of benefits because they are “born in the cloud”, these include:

·       Cost savings – only pay for what you need, without the large capital outlay of licenses and hardware

·       Simplified management – less moving parts to manage, patch and maintain

·       Simplified licensing as its integrated with M365 licensing

·       Greater performance – leveraging the scalability of Azure cloud

Final thoughts
Cloud virtual desktops bring with them a lot of benefits and advantages in terms of performance, scalability and costs. But as with any VDI this should be approached  with a well thought out design that considers factors such as application architecture, use cases, performance requirements and costs.

The Olikka team has years of experience delivering cloud virtual desktops and apps to enterprises and government organisations, in fact we delivered our first cloud virtual desktop project nearly three years ago. We understand exactly what kind of challenges are faced in a virtual desktop solution and we know how to address them. Our engineers have been busy deploying and testing Windows Virtual Desktop to see how it stack up to other solutions.  If you would like to know more, or want to chat with one of our experts drop us a line.