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Security is factored into everything

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Our Modern Work + Security Solutions

Take the guesswork out of your next cloud project with Olikka's workplace solutions.

Modern Workplace Strategy and Roadmap

Develop a modern workplace strategy & architecture that addresses your business needs

Windows 10 Build & Management

An Enterprise Windows 10 solution designed for today's cloud first world

Modern Management

Leverage the power of cloud intelligence to manage all of your devices with Microsoft EndPoint Manager


Intelligent Self-Service Windows 10 Deployments at Scale

Microsoft - Remote Worker Enablement

Don't let COVID-19 negatively impact your workforce. Provide your users with the tools they need to work remotely

Microsoft Teams - Next Level Collaboration

Enable your team to work better, together.

Azure Sentinel - Cloud SIEM

Gain visibility of your cyber risks and automate how you respond with Azure Sentinel.

AWS - Productivity Applications

Deliver a new era of productivity solutions to your users and customers.

Remote Workforce - Managing Devices

You never planned for all endpoints to be constantly remote. Reduce your risk by modernising the way you manage your devices.

Windows Virtual Desktop

Microsoft's cloud native virtual desktop, delivering scale, performance and simplicity.

Microsoft Identity and Access Management

Identity is at the center of security. Deliver Zero trust with Azure AD

Olikka Security Halo

Begin your Microsoft Security Journey with Olikka's Security Halo.

Amazon WorkSpaces

Access your desktop anywhere, anytime, from any device

Microsoft Information Protection

Discover, classify, and protect your data wherever it lives or travels with Azure Information protection

Amazon Appstream

Stream complex apps direct from the cloud and enable your people work from anywhere

Office 365 Foundation

Establish the foundation for your enterprise productivity

Office 365 Migration

Design, Migrate or consolidate your Office 365 environment

Office 365 Governance

Ensure your Office 365 configuration and data are compliant and align with your regulatory requirements.

Citrix Virtual Apps & Desktops

Deliver virtual apps and desktops with Citrix

Microsoft Threat Protection

Microsoft Threat Protection helps your organization with security that protects your assets, connects the dots, and empowers your defenders

Productivity Assessment

Grow your productive practices and collaborative capacity with Olikka

Business FAQ

Answer your users’ common queries in the flow of work.

Productivity Assistant

Free up your people with a productivity assistant that performs common multi-step tasks.

Productivity Coach

Hone and grow your productive experiences with culture, change, technology or adoption coaching

Enterprise Concierge

Augment your people with intelligent AI powered solutions.

Self Service Hub

Modern, intelligent support for your people without increasing service desk burden.

Digital Writing

A digital approach demands new ways of writing

Productivity Scores

Calculate your productivity and set a measurable and achievable action plan

Collaborative Practices

Establish the collaborative skills your teams need to work better together.

Meeting Health

Improve meeting efficiency by hosting productive meetings that help you get stuff done