Australian not-for-profit moves to multi-cloud environment

November 26, 2020

About the customer

The customer operates in the not-for-profit sector and employs over 3,500 across all of the major Australian cities.  

The Problem

The customer was looking to expand their infrastructure in the public cloud. The organisation currently has a great presence in AWS and wanted to implement a similar landing zone within Azure to combine best of the two cloud environments. This approach will allow them to migrate applications and use new technologies that are available only to Azure.

An important element of the project was building an environment that was secure, fit-for-purpose and capable of supporting the customer’s expansion to the public cloud of Azure. also wanted to expand its current Azure DevOps environment using Terraform, a programming language that allows the foundation of Azure to be managed in code or as its otherwise known IaaC (Infrastructure as code).

The Solution

During the design phase, Olikka went to great depths of detail with the customer to build the Azure Landing Zone in a way that was modular, scalable, secure, and resilient.

The solution was designed and delivered in away that leverages public cloud best practice while retaining the familiarity of the existing AWS infrastructure, making it easy for the cloud team to adapt to the new Azure environment. The solution uses multiple regions of the cloud to provision infrastructure, allowing the internal cloud team to expand securely, quickly, and resiliently.

By choosing to use IaaC to deploy their solution, the customer gains the benefits of recyclable, reusable and documented changes whenever versioning on any existing infrastructure or will be built in the future.

The solution provided by Olikka used a modular version of Terraform code to ensure the customer’s team can scale their code ina simple and easy way. This means being able to add code using Olikka’s template design, which is considered best practice when it comes to IaaC.

“Working with Olikka accelerated our move to a multi-cloud environment and has set us up to adopt the best practices for public cloud.”
“We also have room to grow. Building the blueprint infrastructure using Terraform means we can use modular templates to scale our code without having to repeat work. Having a simple and easy landingzone sets us up for success as we expand our presence within Azure.”
Customer Architect



The customer now has another public cloud environment that offers new technologies and practices to support their cloud projects. Being a multi-cloud business means they get to work with the latest and greatest of multiple cloud worlds.

The organisation can now migrate their soon-to-be-redundant data center into Microsoft Azure as the foundation has been set up during this project.

The Azure Landing Zone will allow the customer to explore working with Azure Data Lake, Windows Virtual Desktop and migrating workloads into Azure. Workloads can now be repurposed in Microsoft Azure astheir users’ identity is synced to Azure, meaning applications can also be migrated as part of their next steps easily.

“This project will allow us to make the most of the best-in-class technology offered by Azure as we expand our public cloud footprint and decommission legacy technology. With these foundations in place,this investment will save us time and money as we shift workloads into the cloud.”
Customer Architect

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