COVID-19 Customer Update - 11 March 2020

March 11, 2020
Michael Pascoe

11 March 2020 | 128 cases in Australia

Olikka Update to Customers

As a result of the health concerns due to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), Olikka are placing the health and well-being of our customers and staff as a top priority.

If you are currently working with us, one of our staff will be speaking with you to understand what your policies are regarding coronavirus, and how we can assist you to ensure these policies are adhered to at this time.

Together, we should be getting prepared to enable effective remote working. Olikka aspire to lead the way with our ability to remain productive and collaborative in this work mode. If there are blockers potentially stopping us, now is the time to tackle these blockers together.

We have also developed two distinct offerings to help you scale your remote worker capability. These new solutions are on our website (Microsoft Remote Worker, AWS Remote Worker), and we are also ready to help in any other way we can, so if you need assistance please reach out.

In terms of precautions to help reduce exposure and spread of coronavirus, we are implementing the following restrictions:

Day to Day (Meetings, conferences and workshops)

  • We have implemented strict work from home or sick leave if people are feeling unwell and 14 day self-quarantine if anyone has been in contact with a person diagnosed with COVID-19
  • Our staff have been advised to reduce physical contact with customers and staff, including ‘skip the shake’ (so don’t be taken aback if they wave instead of shake your hand)
  • We are asking our staff and customers to consider if meetings and workshops can be run effectively remotely, and if so make them online meetings
  • We are shifting all large meetings with our customers and partners from our offices to online meetings (and reducing smaller face-to-face meetings if possible)
  • Our staff will not attend any external conferences unless there is a critical business reason and Director approval
  • We want to lead the way in our ability to remain collaborative and productive whilst remote. If working from home, our staff will go out of their way to have excellent contact and communication with you and their colleagues, as well as ensuring they are ready for an online call or meeting at anytime

Domestic and International air travel

  • Olikka has now suspended all work-related domestic air travel unless business critical (and Director approved).
  • Olikka has now suspended all work-related international air travel and personal travel overseas is discouraged.
    It is now mandatory for all Olikka staff to report personal international travel and subsequent self quarantine periods to our people and culture manager before they depart.

Further actions

We are taking these temporary measures as they appear to have been effective in reducing the spread of novel coronavirus.

We are confident in these decisions and the plans we have in place for further action, to protect our customers, our staff, and families.

When the climate returns to normal, we do expect to return to many of our regular ways or working, however our hope for Olikka and other Australian businesses is that together we learn to be even more productive along the way.

Michael Pascoe

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