COVID-19 Internal Call to Action

March 18, 2020
Michael Pascoe

18 March 2020 | 567 cases in Australia

The following is a repost of internal communication sent to all Olikka staff by Olikka's Managing Director, Michael Pascoe.

Olikka Internal Call to Action

We are at the beginning of what is likely to become the most challenging period for our generation (to date). Many of you have sensed this, and are working together and as individuals in the most amazing way. I really appreciate this and many of you have already switched into action mode, as you inherently understand the potential gravity of the situation on the (fast approaching) horizon. I thank you for your dedication, long hours, and persistence through the last, very stressful week. And I rally with you to continue over the coming weeks and months as we tackle and conquer this challenge together.

If you are reading this and feel that my above message is a little full-on, or that you are not yourself operating with urgency, then I have found my audience.

To you: I ask you to take notice. To look to your customers and coworkers and see the pressure. To join them in tackling every obstacle with persistence, inventiveness, determination and hard work. We must go above and beyond to win deals, to keep projects running, to communicate with customers and each other. We must do absolutely everything to continue our revenue streams and help our customers. Many industries are clearly affected already much more than us: airlines, travel, hotels, events, restaurants and cafes. We are lucky that we can work remotely, that our services are still needed by many customers. On one hand this may provide us with a little personal assurance and comfort as we start to see job losses and business failure in those industries most affected. But this is not something we should take for granted. Yes, we do have a better outlook and more success potential than those frontline B2C business, but it is not our right as technologists to survive a downturn - it is something we need to earn.

During the coming months you might need to work in ways that are new, and not always comfortable. We will support you as always, but we need you to step up. We need you to be proactive in offering support, tenaciously driving solutions to solve problems. Every person, in every role, should be full-on busy. If you are not: offer your help; don’t just go through the motion, but get yourself involved in other’s business and find work to do and ways to help with our mission.

Without doubt this will be a trying time; we will be met with obstacles, set-backs, disappointments.

We will also have many wins. There is opportunity ahead if we are willing to work for it. There are new discoveries to be made, personal growth to achieve, and new highs to reach with our teamwork and customer service - if we are willing to stretch to them.

As per the prime minister's address this morning, we do not expect this situation to be over quickly. My intent with this message is to inspire action, but not create panic. We need to act with determination, focus, and seriousness as what we achieve over the next few weeks will determine how well we are positioned in the longer term of the remaining months of this situation. Many of the things we do now will be become our new normal for a while. Let's do them well.

I ask you to commit to this challenge ahead, to give your all to our customers and our fellow team members, such that we emerge steady on the other side of this economic and health crisis together.

Finally, I also ask you to be cautious and sensible regarding the spread of the virus. Your health and the health of your loved ones is critical to us. Your family, and Olikka, need you well. Please take care when you need to go out, and eliminate unnecessary risks. Focus on your well-being, eating well, exercising, and make sure you have people to talk to if you are stressed or anxious. We have together built many relationships within Olikka, now is the time to use those and support each other.

Michael Pascoe

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