Modern Work - Microsoft Ignite 2020 Announcements

September 28, 2020

Looking for the important Microsoft Ignite announcements that affect your business? Olikka can take care of that. We’ll be digging up and dissecting announcement highlights so you don’t have to, across Azure, Security and Modern Work. Our first post starts with Modern Work.

Modern Work - Ignite 2020
Many of the new Modern Work solutions are available right now for your consumption.  Here are a few of the key announcements that we think you might find useful.

  • Microsoft Tunnel - a VPN solution that supports full-device remote access. Tunnel integrates with Microsoft Endpoint Manager and allows iOS and Android devices to connect to on-premises apps and resources from anywhere. Conditional Access policy has been integrated, providing additional security for your network.
  • Support management of virtual endpoints - allows you to manage Windows Virtual Desktop endpoints, or third-party VDI solutions, right alongside your physical PCs within the same console. This integration will be available in preview by the end of the year.
  • Windows Autopilot - you can now utilise Autopilot with Configuration Manager-managed devices, and is now available to deploy during enrollment where previously Azure Active Directory was required. This allows you to move to modern provisioning while retaining your ConfigMgr application library.
  • Microsoft Edge - BYOD’s are increasingly accessing the corporate network at a rapid rate. Microsoft has confirmed that they are building Microsoft Endpoint Manager, Mobile application management controls into Edge. That will allow you to empower employees to use personal devices to access web apps whilst ensuring that data doesn’t leave the browser.
  • Improved MacOS management experience - new Endpoint Manager capability for MacOS have been developed, including the ability to deploy scripts to devices, provide new enrollment experiences with single sign-on and access to new Apple managed app lifecycle features. These features are now available in public preview.
  • Shared iPad for Business - provides the ability to deploy iPad devices to users and have them sign in using Azure Active Directory, providing users a seamless experience.

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