Olikka launches its AI Amazon Web Services helpdesk at re:Invent in Las Vegas

November 27, 2018
Michael Wines

Today, Olikka will launch to the world's best and brightest at the AWS Re:Invent conference in Nevada the new Amazon WorkSpaces "Self Service Hub".

Taking IT help desks to a new level, Self Service Hub is an Amazon WorkSpaces service desk assistant that utilises voice recognition through Alexa for Business and facial recognition through AWS DeepLens to create a smart and personable trouble-shooter.

With their latest system set to slash help desk traffic, Olikka's Solutions Director, Ross Gangemi, said that Amazon WorkSpaces Self Service Hub is a milestone in the making - only taking four months for the digital transformation company to create and launch.

"We saw an opportunity to solve a business pain-point and knew we had the capability to create something that can connect workforces all over the world to sophisticated support 24 hours a day," said Mr Gangemi.

"This new AI allows you to empower your workforce to solve all sorts of WorkSpaces hurdles at any time without adding traffic to your IT support team, so they can focus on more pressing projects.

"Self Service Hub can also be integrated into your current systems and trained to deal with your very specific needs. It's a secure, reliable and intuitive service that's accessible for today's evolving workforce.

"Eight years ago when we started Olikka, we never expected to one day be taking the stage in Las Vegas to present to the world what a nimble and relatively small consultancy in Australia could do.

"Cloud computing is changing the way organisations work and the pace in which they evolve. It's a very exciting time to be involved, and we're thrilled to share this latest development with the world," Mr Gangemi said.

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