Increase user engagement with Olikka's Integrated Teams Collaboration Roadmap

May 18, 2020
Cathy Mollica

As organisations adjust to the challenges of working and collaborating in new ways, it can be hard to describe the path to collaboration. Some people forge ahead, and instinctively understand what collaboration means, and others need a clear picture of how they can use the Office 365 suite of tools to simplify, accelerate, and learn together.

Olikka’s Collaboration Roadmap both captures the success stories of those who’re leaping ahead and learning in new ways, and also helps to foster and encourage collaborative behaviours in those who're setting out on a collaborative path for the first time.

The customised roadmap shows how O365 tools build from personal content creation, through to collaboration and efficiency, with dynamic examples crowd sourced from your people.

And of course it’s all built using the Office 365 tool sets (with a little dev magic under the hood). So you load the roadmap into Teams, invite your people to submit their own success stories using Forms - and in doing so you invite them to take those steps to bring your collaboration journey to life!

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