Olikka's Response to COVID-19

March 18, 2020
Michael Pascoe

Live page - Updated: 18 March 2020

As a result of the health concerns due to novel coronavirus (COVID-19), Olikka are placing the health and well-being of customers and staff as a top priority.

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Olikka can help you respond to COVID-19:

We are prepared and enabled to help; if you need assistance please reach out.

Olikka's current mode of operation is:

  • Olikka staff working from home unless impossible
    (We have a very small number of staff required to be on customer sites. These staff are separated from other Olikka staff)
  • Strong focus on supporting and prioritising customer's needs for remote working solutions and BCP
  • Strong focus on customer and team communication and collaboration
  • Implementing new ways of working that we expect to be medium term - focus on team well-being and customer success whilst remote

Olikka has been proactive in our actions related to the COVID-19 health and economic impacts in Australia. As one of the nation's first movers in taking this very seriously, we share below our actions and communications in the hope it may be useful to other organisations and countries not yet at the stage we are at.

18 March | 567 cases in Australia

  • As the impacts of the crisis start to spread to the whole economy, Olikka shares our internal communication about the challenges of the months ahead
    > Olikka's internal call to action

17 March | 453 cases in Australia

13 March | 198 cases in Australia

  • Olikka implements stage 2 of work from home:
    Everyone work from home unless impossible
  • We run our monthly team meeting 100% remotely via Teams, and reiterate key advice:
    - Extra focus on communication will be key
    - Think ahead and unblock
    - Try new things to be effective
    - Share issues early and escalate quickly for support
    - Help customers in many ways - we have a lot of offer to help with their challenges
  • We allow staff to borrow office equipment for their home (e.g. monitors, chairs etc)

11 March | 128 cases in Australia

10 March | 112 cases in Australia

  • Concerned for the health of our customers and staff, Olikka pulls our sponsorship of an industry conference scheduled for 24 March. The event organisers are adamant that the conference poses low risk and will go ahead, however they cancel the event two days later after numerous attendees express concern
  • Olikka moves meetings online to Teams, implements severe restrictions on all air travel, self-isolation for any international travel, or contact with travellers or anyone with symptoms
  • We ramp up our communication for working remotely and advising customers
  • We put a strong focus on helping customers with their remote work needs

9 March | 91 cases in Australia

  • Olikka implements stage 1 of work from home

    We instruct senior project staff as below:
    1. Open channels with customers about coronavirus. We want them to share early with us so we have any heads up on policies coming from their business

    2. Demonstrate that we can work remotely, effectively and productively. Offer it, and then have our staff work from home if the customer wants to. Ensure our staff give that extra focus on communication and stay connected whilst working remotely (this may take some extra prodding). If there are blockers to working remotely, don't just assume they are blockers - unblock them now (not later)!

    3. If a customer does want to put a project on hold, or delay it a little, take it as a request and lets have a conversation to find the best outcome for everyone

    4. When we open channels about their preparedness, it might create sales opportunities. There are lots of things we can help them with around BCP and remote workers. Make sure they know we can help them.

5 March | 59 cases in Australia

4 March | 45 cases in Australia

  • Olikka directors create Coronavirus BCP plan

Skip the shake

3 March | 41 cases in Australia

  • Olikka implements "skip the shake" to ban handshakes, and encourages increased focus on personal hygiene and personal distancing
  • Olikka directors create Coronavirus BCP plan

2 March | 33 cases in Australia

  • Olikka implements self-isolation policy of staff travelling back to Australia from at risk Coronavirus areas - work from home for minimum 14 days after return

26 February | 26 cases in Australia

  • Olikka enforce self-isolation of staff member travelling back to Australia from high risk Coronavirus area (Japan) - work from home for minimum 14 days after return. We advised our customer that our staff member would work from home, which was accepted and appreciated.

Michael Pascoe

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