What’s next for Teams in 2021?

January 28, 2021

Early last year, IT leaders were forced to pivot strategy, resources, and budget to enable a remote work from home environment almost overnight.

Since that time, Microsoft Teams has exceeded 115 million users making Teams, Microsoft's fastest growing business app ever.

The explosion in users has meant that Microsoft has invested heavily in improving user experience and business collaboration. There have been many significant improvements, but what's next?

Transfer calls between mobile and desktop:
Teams allows you to make and receive calls from different devices, but sometimes you need to move locations or devices to finish your call. Coming soon in 2021 you will be able to shift your calls between mobile and desktop with an easy-to-use interface on the Teams app.

CarPlay support
: Placing and receiving calls in your car will soon be easy, thanks to CarPlay support for Teams Calling. With CarPlay, you can use your vehicle's technology to run Teams, including Siri to make and answer calls.

Low-data mode:
Whether you want to save on data or in a location with poor network coverage, you can now limit the amount of data you're using during a video call or meeting. Users will adjust their settings in Teams to cap the amount of data used during video calls and utilise different settings based on network availability.

Voice-enabled channels
: Collaborative calling capability will allow for calls to be sent to a specific channel, allowing for collaboration and information sharing before, during, and after the call. For example, IT or HR help desks can be managed from a channel so available team members can answer the call, and easily share information about service tickets. Starting in early 2021, Teams users will have the option to create new channels that are voice-enabled.

Approvals in Teams:
Users will be able to get their results faster when it comes to any project with approvals in Microsoft Teams. With Microsoft starting to focus on improving project management capabilities Teams will be able to create, manage, share, and act on approvals within the app meaning collaboration will become streamlined and project management will be easier than ever.

Chat Bubbles in Meetings:
To improve the chat capability within Teams meetings Microsoft is introducing chat bubbles. Chat bubbles will enhance the visibility of chats sent during a Teams meeting, and they will surface on the screens of all meeting participants, making the chat more central to the conversation.

With these features coming to Microsoft Teams, further integration with other Microsoft 365 apps and increased mobile device usability, 2021 looks promising for further user growth. Olikka are experts in delivering robust, considered and engaging enterprise Teams environments. If you would like to chat with an Olikka Teams expert about your journey, then get in touch.

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