Who has access to what? How was the access granted? A look at Saviynt's PAM solution

October 28, 2020

Having worked across identity and security for the last 8 years in the enterprise space, I've seen products and solutions come and go. I like to remain tool agnostic, providing customers with the best tool to meet their needs. Saviynt is one of the best options on the market and one that I'm confident in recommending. 

So, what is PAM? 
Privileged access management (PAM), is the management, controlling and monitoring the access of privileged users or accounts. It is better to think of PAM as a set of tools rather than a single product. They allow you to meet compliance recommendations by limiting and monitoring privileged access and accounts.

Saviynt's cloud-first Privileged Access Management solution
 delivers security and governance over your most critical accounts and identities to accelerate your digital and cloud transformation and security strategy. Implementing Saviynt's Cloud PAM specifically built for the cloud, scales to provide session management in highly dynamic, elastic cloud environments.  This empowers you to reduce your environments attack surface, limiting the number of service accounts and have individuals accountability for using non named user accounts.

PAM is about ensuring least privilege is implemented and maintained, doing this raises the importance of Just-in-Time access. Requested privilege must be fulfilled quickly to meet business needs. Finding the balance between security and business process is always a challenge. Saviynt's Cloud PAM solution has in-session role & access elevation, privileged ID assignment models, using fine-grained and hierarchical entitlements, with the ability to deliver true zero standing privilege.

With a focus on working away from the traditional office-based location and the rapid enablement of technology to enable the user to be productive while working from home has placed a sizeable forced change to remote systems leaving platform more vulnerable to attack. On top of that, users are thrown into unfamiliar processes or technology with limited chance to adopt creating more security risks. Saviynt's Cloud PAM helps by enables risk mitigation and full audit trail generation in near-real-time by detecting and suggesting preventive actions, such as terminating insecure instances & databases or alerting security. Being a cloud-first the platform eliminates the following pains of batch processing onboarding, jump-hosts, security keys, and thick clients. Instead, a frictionless administrative session experience, requested and fulfilled using browser-based console access is delivered.

Integrating Saviynt's Cloud PAM with Saviynt's Governance capabilities allows you to define guidelines on how privileged user or account access will be managed and monitored especially while operating remotely.  This is achieved by leveraging preventative SoD (Segregation of Duty) checks, risk awareness, and micro certifications. All while utilizing native cloud technologies to capitalize on the benefits of their inherent elasticity, resilience, and delivery as a service. It is difficult for a PAM to be cloud-friendly if it does not embrace the principles of the platform it is designed to protect.

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