May 29, 2018 Michael Wines

Olikka’s staff wellness program officially launched

Olikka kicked off a bespoke wellness program last Friday afternoon for all staff. Providing flu shots and health checks was just the start of a 6 week program, which promotes consideration of healthier alternatives and awareness of current health and wellbeing. 

The holistic program includes mental, physical and nutritional health concluding with another health check, to hopefully recognise an improvement in wellbeing.

People and Culture Manager Lauren O’Reilly was excited with the program launch “Our employees are our very best asset, and this program is timely as it comes into effect during the busiest and coldest time of year when sickness is at its highest and fitness motivation levels are at their lowest.”

While benefits to the business are obvious, Olikka wants to make sure employees are happy physically and mentally to make the most of life away from the office. “We have many employees with young families, so to provide a flexible work environment is essential. Olikka’s workforce is also a male majority so to start the conversation about health and wellbeing is a great step forward”, Lauren added.

The 6-week program concludes July 15th.