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Solution Overview

Olikka has developed a number of AI powered physical and digital experiences designed to enhance productivity and delight your users.

Enterprise Concierge

Olikka's Enterprise Concierge is an AI host that sees, hears and thinks. You can delight your employees and visitors in a range of different scenarios including:

  • IT Self-Service - manage walk up user demands
  • Visitor Sign-in- welcome visitors to your offices
  • Meeting Room Concierge - manage just-in-time meeting room bookings

Business FAQ

Business FAQ: Answer your users’ commonly asked business questions, without the need to browse structured folders or intranets.  Choose from either a dynamic FAQ (powered by Amazon Kendra) or a static FAQ (leveraging Olikka's FAQ BOT dashboard) to connect users with the answers they need from wherever they’re working. Integrates in a range of channels including chat, voice and Microsoft Teams to support your people in the flow of work

Productivity Assistant

Olikka's Productivity Assistant frees up your users’ workday by performing common daily tasks such as:

  • Setting Out of Office
  • Submitting leave requests
  • Finding and booking meetings
  • Submitting sick leave

Integrates in a range of channels including chat, voice and Microsoft Teams.

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