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Solution Overview

Enterprise Productivity is more than a toolset. It's about developing the skills needed to work better together, setting achiveable team productivity goals and continually honing and improving your skills.

Collaborative Practices

Olikka's Collaborative Practices assessment analyses the tools and behaviours your teams employ. The social tools health check reviews how your teams use social tools (Yammer,Teams, Slack), and how they can become a building block to create or sustain your collaborative culture.  We focus on the practical small changes that will deliver measurable impact.

Digital Writing

Digitial tools demand new ways of writing. Our Digital Writing workshops teach your team the practical tips that drive effective communication. You’ll learn simple ways to evaluate and improve your communication and writing style. We challenge your team to set achievable personal communication goals.

Productivity Coach

An Olikka Productivity Coach will help your teams grow their collaborative practices and guide them along the way. We help you hone and grow your enterprise productivity with culture, change, technology or adoption coaching. We focus on the practical elements of new ways of working that help your people adopt and adapt to new technology in the flow of work.

Meeting Health

Our Meeting Health tool reviews meeting effectiveness. When you set a clear meeting purpose, and your people can drive meeting efficiency and build the environment and practices you need to be successful. We guide your people to improve meeting efficiency, host effective and productive meetings, and actually get stuff done.

Productivity Scores

Calculate your organisational Productivity Score to gain insight into your current productivity maturity and collaboration habits from the perspective of both technology and people. We benchmark against organisations similar to yours and help you identify the steps you can take to support your teams to work better together.

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