January 9, 2019 Michael Wines

Recognising 2018, Olikka Awards and Star Achievers

2018 was a big year for Olikka. Bringing on new customers, delivering new projects and expanding the team considerably. We continue to help our customers transform their business systems and infrastructure while delivering great solutions with awesome user experience.

Our employees are the ones on the ground delivering every single day and so it’s always nice to provide the kudos and recognition. Here are the winners of the Olikka awards for 2018.

The ‘Best Newcomer’ was awarded to Gemma Steele. Gemma has woven herself into the fabric of Olikka in a short period of time. Making sure the office is running efficiently and looks amazing. Gemma always goes above and beyond and supports multiple business units.

Aaron Chan won the ‘Step up’ award for 2018. Aaron’s continuous hard work and dedication have taken his work to the next level. He has successfully embraced the possibilities of his potential and the opportunities presented to him by the business.  

The ‘Perseverance’ award was handed to by Geoff King. He has proved that patience and perseverance are appreciated by the customer when the problems are understood and articulated clearly. Geoff is super level headed and has shown that difficulties disappear and obstacles vanish when he is on the job.

Daniel Searle won the ‘Dedication’ award for the long hours he has put in on his projects with no fuss. Daniel is a quite achiever and just gets the job done.

With a strong technical background, Eric Yew won the ‘Quiet Achiever’ award. Similar to Daniel he has proven that working hard and keeping the customer happy can make up for a quieter personality.

The ‘Powerhouse’ award was given to Warwick Stonehouse. He has powered through the ups and downs that sales provide. Not afraid to have a hard conversation, Warwick is engaged with customers from project start to completion. As a relationship guy, Warwick is sincere in providing the best business outcomes for his customers.

Employee of the year was tied in 2018, with the award going to Tarun Ohri for successfully managing projects simultaneously and delivering outstanding results. He is loved by all, whether it’s the sales team, technical team or his customers. His experience and vision have made him a senior performer and trusted colleague in the organisation.

Raphael Blanchet with his cool, calm demeanor tied for the award with Tarun. Raph really stepped up to be a strong leader at Olikka last year and had been a huge reason Olikka was so successful in 2018. Raph shows immense dedication towards his work and is truly respected by his teammates.

Congratulations to all of our winners and good luck to the team in 2019. Thank you for your commitment to excellence.