Repco: Digital Enterprise Assistant

Digital Enterprise Assistant

Industry: Automotive

Company Size: 10,000+

The Challenge

Repco wanted a modern and innovative way to engage with staff during large end user IT deployments and more. With 317 stores dispersed across Australia, deployments communication and support had been problematic and expensive. Another project goal was to create a reduction in service desk traffic while increasing ‘service open hours’.

Olikka suggested integrating a Digital Enterprise Assistant.

The Solution

Olikka had already developed a Digital Enterprise Assistant named ‘Ollie’ built using Microsoft’s Cognitive Services. Ollie was implemented at Repco however re-branded as Sparkie. Sparkie started off providing end users answers for Microsoft Windows 10 and Office 365 FAQs for deployments as well as general corporate FAQs.

Olikka was able to add even more value by integrating Sparkie into Service Now, this enables users to create tickets, be provided ticket status updates while also allowing users the ability to escalate tickets.

Future discussions around adding additional features such as HR and Finance integration and usage by the customer service group to provide faster responses to external inquiries.

The Benefits 

Over the course of 3 months, Sparkie was asked on average 853 questions per month. This provided Repco with a tangible cost saving. Sparkie was able to answer inquiries, reduce Service Now tickets, assisted with Windows 10 end user engagement, improved user experience and increase productivity through reduced wait times.


– Office 365
– Windows 10
– Service Now
– Olikka’s Digital Enterprise Assistant

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