The Self Service Hub by Olikka

Self Service Hub introduces a modern, intelligent way to interact with your corporate systems, accelerating resolution time for users, while also easing the burden on support staff.

Powered by Amazon Machine Learning, users are easily identified by facial recognition and receive personalised interactions in real time.

From general requests like “Can I order a new laptop?” to support requests like “help me reset my password?

Self Service Hub swiftly resolves common support issues, without anyone needing to pick up a phone or log a support ticket.

Enhances your current processes

Self Service Hub is designed to integrate your current business and IT processes. Self Service Hub automatically logs IT tickets and resolves users issues, or escalates as needed.

Extends your IT Services

Deploy Multiple Self Service Hubs to extend your IT services across your business. From branch offices, remote locations or alongside your service desk. Reduce call wait times, whilst offloading inbound calls.

Running in weeks not months

Implementing Self Service Hub is easy – we identify your top 10 IT requests, train Self Service Hub and integrate it with your current systems. All of this typically takes weeks rather than months, and when you’re ready to deploy additional Self Service Hubs, it’s easy to plug in and go.

Built on the latest Amazon technology to provide an intuitive user experience.

Provide staff with smart interactions

Leverages AI to provide users with an intuitive experience to help them get fast and easy resolution of common support requests.

Integrates with Amazon WorkSpaces

Seamless integration with Amazon WorkSpaces allows users to troubleshoot their WorkSpace and request a faster WorkSpace on demand.

Extend to other channels such as chat

Based on Amazon LEX, any interaction with Self Service Hub can be easily ported to another communication channel – whether that’s your service desk portal or social channels like Slack or Facebook.