Next Level Collaboration with Microsoft Teams

Now more than ever, we need to work together.
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Move away from email, repetitive and unfocused meetings and transactional one-way communication. Elevate to different ways of working with Microsoft Teams thoughtfully implemented by Olikka with purpose; where collaboration means simplifying your day, accelerating the pace, and learning together.

Get Involved

Teams makes it easy to contribute to discussions,  and find the people, information and documents you need to make decisions fast.

Sharpen your focus

Attend to your most important matters, organised by topic, without needing to sift through cluttered inboxes and complex email trails.

Meet, Chat and Call

Meet, chat and call from anywhere with colleagues and clients to deliver rich, collaborative experiences.

Connect and Collaborate

Work with your team to get jobs done, co-edit documents in real time,and accelerate review processes. For a bit of fun, dedicate a channel to chitchat to extend office banter remotely, and help sustain a sense of connection.

Empower with trust

Give users the flexibility to create their Teams and channels, whilst ensuring compliance. Olikka's Teams automation framework ensures all Teams are created with the right standards and configurations.

Shape your visibility

With email, senders choose their recipients. But with channels in Microsoft Teams, you choose when and what you focus on, instead of the sender

Simplify with Bots

Integrate bots and assistants into the flow of work in your channels to answer business FAQs, and accelerate productivity.

Streamline workflow

Integrate your business processes directly into Teams. Redirect emails from a shared mailbox to post in a Teams channel so it’s easy to coordinate work and get tasks done together.

Make decisions fast

Get the answers you need now, without resorting to back-and-forth emails.

Build stronger and happier teams

Recognise your peers and celebrate your company values with HeyTaco.

Demonstrate the Power of Collaboration

With Olikka's interactive collaboration roadmap app you can communicate clearly to your users regarding what M365 collaboration and productivity tools you will be offering, what they provide and when they will be available.

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Compliant and Secure

Compliance and Security sorted with advice from Olikka's Security Halo.

Bring your teams together with meetings

Maintain that personal connection with your peers through video calls and team meetings.

Enable your team to work better, together.

Microsoft Teams Rapid Start

Olikka’s Teams Rapid start will get you collaborating within Teams in days. This solution is designed to enable Teams collaboration features iteratively, rather than at the end of the project.


Duration - 3 Weeks

•Microsoft Teams Design Brief & Adoption and Communications Strategy

•Teams Foundation Configuration:

  • Teams Base Framework - including base Teams & Channels
  • Teams and Channel Policies
  • Security, governance and compliance settings
  • Teams Lifecycle Management
  • Teams Reporting
  • Integrate corporate applications
  • Integrate staff recognition with Hey Taco

•Teams Client Pilot Deployment

•Business Pilot Support


Confidence that Microsoft Teams is setup to facilitate new ways of collaboration, whilst providing you control of your data

$40k AUD ex GST
Microsoft Teams - New Ways of Working

Elevate collaboration to a new level with Olikka's Teams New Ways of Working project. Thoughtfully implemented by Olikka partner to ensure a high uptake, whilst subtly transforming the way people work together.


Duration 8 weeks:

•Collaboration review - including user interviews

•Olikka's Teams Collaboration Design & Adoption and Communications Strategy

•Teams Foundation Configuration:

  • Teams Base Framework
  • Teams and Channel Policies
  • Security, governance and compliance settings
  • Teams Reporting
  • Integrate corporate applications
  • Integrate staff recognition with Hey Taco

•Teams Lifecycle Management:

  • Automated process to create/archive & delete Teams
  • Integrated with your current self service solution
  • Approval workflow

•Crisis Communication Application

•Advanced Compliance and Information Protection*

•Integration of Olikka's Teams Roadmap App

•Full Business deployment of Teams including deployment coaching and guidance

Optional - Ongoing Support

•Walk your staff through Teams, identifying specific concerns or pain points that can be addressed with some changes to collaboration practices

•Looking at channel activity and moderate posts to appropriate channels

•Assisting users with issues, questions or feedback via teams

•Performing regular check-ins with team leaders / managers to provide assistance and obtain feedback


Delivery of a platform to facilitate new ways of working, communicating and coaching of your staff to help them manage the change

*Requires services from Microsoft 365 E5 or equivalent

$85k AUD ex GST

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Enable your team to work better, together.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should i choose Olikka over other organisations?

The distributed nature of our business has forced us to work remotely from when we first started. Our team collaborate really well together and have learnt so much just through the daily work lives. This deep understanding of collaboration is what we are bringing to every one of our projects.

We haven’t begun using Teams - can you help me get started?

Absolutely - our team can help you to get the foundations right, determine your governance structures and retention policies, and even customise your getting started guides to help your people in their first days.

Our business is already using Teams - how would Olikka help me?

Great start - the next step is to assess how your people can use more features, explore integrations and automations, and use Teams as a hub to get their work done better together. Teams is more than just chat and meetings. It’s also a good idea to check if your configs and settings meet your governance and compliance standardss.

My IT team is smashed at the moment - how much time do we need to commit?

We get it - you’ve got a lot on, we should say your project will be more successful if your staff are involved, but if thats not possible we can still assist. We can do much of it with minimal involvement from your team if that works best for you. We’ll need a global admin account, a couple of hours to help with scoping workshops to get the lay of the land, then it’s pretty much hands-off for you until Teams is ready to handover to BAU.

I’m keen for my people to learn from you - can you support handover and learning?

For sure - at Olikka, we love to help your people learn new things, and working side by side suits us to a tee. If your support and IT helpdesk teams have capacity to work alongside us, that’s awesome - we can scope the work accordingly to have them involved and learning.

Should we let people create Teams, or lock it down?

Both approaches can work, each with their advantages and trade-offs. We can take the complexity out of the choice with our automated Teams workflow to simplify the process for both your people and your IT team.

How does your optional Ongoing Support work?

It's easy - we spend some proper one-on-one time with your teams to understand how they collaborate. We then identify some collaboration practices that will help them work better together. We embed ourselves into your Teams, and can even moderate posts to appropriate channels. We will also be available in Teams to field questions from your users in the flow of work.