Custom Olikka Solutions

Olikka transforms your current business systems and infrastructure through a mix of smart design, vendor product application, artificial intelligence and Olikka’s own strategic and technical brilliance.

Our custom built solutions address your key business requirements leading to a digital and competitive advantage.


We understand your real business problems and challenges. We work to identify the current and emerging technologies that will work to make your strategy come to life.

Vendor Products

Olikka is vendor agnostic, but with strong relations with the major providers, Olikka mixes in the most suitable products for your custom
built solution.

Custom Olikka Software

An opportunity to differentiate your solution, Olikka has a development team focused on improving engagement and business outcomes. Bringing your great ideas to life.

Olikka Experts

The best and most brilliant minds in enterprise computing, digital transformation and artificial intelligence. Our team provides extra capability, peace of mind and
amazing solutions.


Effectively deploying new technologies is crucial, but you also need to support and encourage users to adapt to these new ways of working. We help you on this journey.


The ability to provide a support package up to 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, Olikka has ongoing support solutions to suit your needs and capability. We endeavor to include your team on implementation as much as possible, empowering your resources for handover and confidence.