Stay current with a fully managed experience to maintain currency.

Stay Current on Modern Desktop by Olikka

Stay Current on Modern Desktop with Olikka. The Stay Current service by Olikka offers a fully managed experience, to help you maintain currency across your Windows and Office 365 ProPlus fleet, whilst also helping you manage the change within your organisation.

Suited for organisations that have recently updated to Windows 10, The Stay Current service includes:

Strategy & Plan – Windows Servicing Plan, Office 365 ProPlus and Infra Updates

Adoption Strategy – How will we help staff adopt the new features, whilst minimising disruption

Engineer / Run – Regular site visits to configure, test and validate new releases. DeployMe to provide user self-service and scheduling

The Stay Current service by Olikka helps organisations keep their Windows 10 and Office 365 ProPlus fleet up to date, whilst removing the guess work and user disruption.

Strategy & Plan

Staying Current must work around your business, ensuring minimal impact to staff and the IT team that supports them. That is why developing a thorough strategy and plan is important. A servicing strategy needs to consider multiple factors such as your business calendar, the cadence updates are deployed, the testing and release process and finally, the deployment approach.

Olikka has proven experience, developing End User Computer architecture as well as patching and servicing strategies for our customers. Olikka’s approach to Staying Current Strategies includes:

  • Assessing the readiness of existing systems such as SCCM, InTune and Windows 10 and Active Directory (GPOs). This also includes applications and scripts
  • Implementation of Windows Analytics to understand the readiness for Windows 10
  • Windows Servicing Workshops – to discuss Servicing approach, ring releases, servicing models, testing and release strategy, regularity of other dependant updates such as SCCM and Office 365 ProPlus and the regular deployment approach
  • Delivery of a Stay Current Strategy

Adoption Strategy
As you release new versions of Windows 10 and Office 365 ProPlus to your organisation, how will you communicate the new features and benefits contained in these new features?

Developing an adoption strategy is important to ensure that each new release of Windows 10 and Office 365 translates into business benefits.

Olikka will work with you to develop an adoption strategy that accommodates the different levels of user within your organisation.  When our engineers are onsite preparing each release our change and adoption, consultants will be onsite working with you to define the communication that will go out to the organisation.

Engineer / Run

There are hundreds of settings that can be configured to impact each release. It’s important to get these right to not only ensure that updates are deployed when they are meant to, but that ongoing management is unnecessarily complex.

Olikka will provide regular onsite visit to configure systems such as SCCM and InTune to support Windows 10 and Office 365 ProPlus updates, to ensure your organisation remains current.

This typically includes:

  • Update SCCM to the latest version
  • Configure GPOs to support the latest version of Windows
  • Configure SCCM to support servicing approach
  • Update your Windows 10 task sequence to support Windows 10 Servicing
  • Prepare Office 365 ProPlus update

Run – Made easy with DeployMe

Olikka has developed a smart layer of intuitive software called DeployMe which interacts with Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager, Microsoft Analytics, Active Directory and Office 365 ProPlus to provide an opt-in Windows 10 upgrade and servicing program for enterprise end user.

Deploying Windows 10 service releases regularly can be challenging for IT staff and frustrating for end users. A typical service update takes approx. 1 hour and requires multiple reboots.

DeployMe enables users to schedule a Windows 10 servicing release at time that suits them, DeployMe also ensures only the users eligible for a Windows 10 service release receive a notification to upgrade, resulting in a near 99% success rate.

Screenshots taken from DeployMe Windows 10 deployment solution


Maintain Currency:Olikka’s proven methodology ensures that updates are deployed, but not before they are tested and validated.  Olikka’s Strategy & Plan provides a blueprint for Windows 10 and Office 365 ProPlus servicing releases.

Take Advantage of new features: Communicate new feature releases to ensure your users understand the benefits of each release, and look forward to the next release.

Minimise business / staff impact: Olikka’s DeployMe solution can ensure that only people eligible for an update will receive it, they can then schedule a time that suits them.

Automate and simplify new releases: Olikka will configure SCCM and InTune to provide maximum automation whilst ensuring easy ability to update and tune as needed.