September 24, 2019 Jerome Brown

AWS Well-Architected – Selecting a workload for review

When deciding which workload to review, it is better to consider your applications from a business perspective rather than a technical perspective. A typical way to define the workload for review is in the same way you define applications or services in your service management application.

For example, selecting an individual SQL database or server as a workload is typically too narrow a definition. Instead, the application which uses the individual database or server should be selected as the workload. Since the SQL database is part of the application, it will be assessed during the review, along with all the other components of the application.

A workload should also not be tied to a specific vendor application, but instead to the function the application provides. Instead of selecting “Microsoft SharePoint” as the workload, it would be better to select a function provided (e.g. Intranet or Document Storage). This allows tracking of the architecture quality for the workload even if the underlying technology is replaced as part of the improvements.

Good candidates for a workload to review include:

  • Public website
  • Intranet
  • CRM system

During the review, we will work through the questions below. To gain an accurate understanding of the health of your workload it is important that the questions are answered accurately, looking at the current practices rather than the theoretical. Where practice and policy differ, this should be called out to become a remediation action from the review. For more info click here.

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