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Olikka has developed DeployMe an enterprise Windows 10 deployment tool. DeplopyMe runs checks against end user profiles to ensure readiness for Windows 10 on that machine.

Once approved DeployMe will then ask the end user to choose a time convenient for upgrade and include a schedule which the user can choose an appropriate time to build.

Why Windows 10 DeployMe?



We have seen that deployment times are cut considerably using DeployMe. There is no limit on how many machines can be set up at once and administrators control the which staff upgrade when.


SAVE Money

Less recourses to deploy translates to big cost savings including the need for floor walkers. Providing staff the ability to choose when they upgrade, means that end users are productive for longer.



No annoying interruptions to your working day, allow end users to schedule their Windows 10 deployment. We've found DeployMe empowers staff providing a positive experience.

The Windows 10 Self-Service Experience

  • The solution will determine if a user is eligible for Windows 10
  • Eligible users will be notified via email that a Windows 10 upgrade is available
  • The email will have 2 buttons the user can select "Self-Service" for update at the suggested time or "Schedule Me" allowing users to pick their own time
  • User selects button and is directed to single page web app
  • A final "pre-flight check" will take place before the Windows 10 build begins (to determine if they are logged into the correct machine)
  • At the beginning of the build the user will be notified via email with some info about the build (How long until completed, what to expect etc)
  • They will receive another email either advising them of status updates or if the build has encountered an error
  • At the completion of the build, they are notified that their machine is running Windows 10