October 4, 2018 Pan Maung

Windows 10 October update: The best new features

With the recent release of Microsoft’s Windows 10 October 2018 (1809)Update, comes a number of new features. Users will find them very useful across their work and ever growing digital personal lives.

The benefits of the new release includes copying contents across machines, sharing videos, photos, documents, and websites instantly with nearby machines, creating distraction-free work times by blocking notifications, sounds, and alerts,  empowering personal productivity not only at work, but also away from the office. Let’s have a look at some of the most interesting features!

Android App Sync: With Your Phone app, you can now access your Android phone’s photo’s from your PC, drag and drop, edit or ink, then share with your friends from the SMS messenger, which is doable from the PC.

Web Authentication API: Microsoft Edge now includes unprefixed support for the new web authentication API. We’ve been hearing about password less authentication, and it’s coming by replacing it with stronger hardware-bound credentials.

Retired XSS Filter: When it comes to security, XSS filter will be retired by using more powerful and secure modern standards such as content security policy to protect against content injection attacks, with high compatibility across modern browsers.

Here comes Emoji 11: Everybody(most people) loves an emoji, 157 new emoji images are coming with the new update, including superheroes, redheads, a softball, a pirate flag, and a llama.

Search for Calendar App: Search is now available in the calendar app for Windows 10, hence users can find events in the past or in the future by keywords, name, location, or people included.

Remote Desktop with Windows Hello Biometrics: Windows Hello for Business now allows biometric authentication for remote login for Azure Active Directory and Active Directory users using Windows RDS.

Web Sign-in to Windows 10: Web Sign-in is a new way of signing into your Windows PC supporting non-ADFS federated provider (e.g. SAML). Traditionally, Windows login was only supporting WS-Fed protocol in which ADFS was used.

Faster sign-in to a Windows 10 shared PC: Fast sign-in to a shared Windows 10 PC is also now supporting shared PCs in your organization.