January 23, 2019 Michael Wines

Windows 7 to Windows 10 – Time is running out!

Upgrades and changes in technology are inevitable. With Windows 7 end of support is less than 12 months away in January 2020, now is the time for organisations to make the move and upgrade to Windows 10.

Windows 10 was released over three years ago, yet many organizations are still early in their migration journey. Although rumor suggests that Microsoft may extend the support for Windows 7 until 2023, it’s not guaranteed. If an organisation chooses to delay the upgrade beyond the initial 2020 January deadline, then they may have to pay a premium price for staying secure. Microsoft has also stated that initially, companies in the course of migration post the expiry of the support window, may be provided with free updates with certain qualifying criteria.

Moving a large number of users from one OS to another, especially such  different models is no small feat for Microsoft. According to December 2018 reports, from both Statcounter and Net Marketshare, about 35% of the Windows install base, is still using Windows 7. This provides a challenge to Microsoft to ensure that these millions of customers shift to Windows 7 as soon as possible.

A slow pace of migration will not only have a negative impact on the enterprises who have failed to make this shift but also on Microsoft. Microsoft will be facing pressure for not safeguarding machines of users past the deadline which will leave them open to viruses and hacking.

Microsoft is taking every step to try to ensure that the whole process is as seamless as possible. The company last year announced its new support model for the Enterprise edition Windows 10 upgrade which included Windows as a service with 30 months support instead of the 18 months cycle provided previously. The advantage of this is that users with longer deployment cycles will have time to plan, test, and deploy.  

The bottom line is that by staying up to date and moving to Windows 10, organisations can prevent security threats while providing end users more features and an improved experience.

So, if you are still working in a Windows 7 environment, then this is the right time to make your workplace modern, secured and relevant. Speak to Olikka today!