Amazon WorkSpaces Solution Toolkit by Olikka

Access your desktop anywhere, anytime, on a fully managed, enterprise grade, desktop-as-a-service (DaaS), with Amazon WorkSpaces and Olikka

Simplify your virtual cloud desktop infrastructure

Amazon WorkSpaces Solution Toolkit by Olikka offers a fully managed desktop-as-a-service solution to help organizations provide an easy to use cloud-based virtual desktop experience to end-users. Suited for several use cases including mobile device access, remote employees, seasonal workers, developers, and students, Amazon WorkSpaces and Olikka’s proven methodology enables its users to access their desktop from anywhere, anytime, and on any device.

Additionally, the Solution Toolkit by Olikka enhances Amazon WorkSpaces by helping organizations gain greater visibility through the insights dashboard, simplified manageability with the automated provisioning and de-provisioning tool, and self-service with the Amazon WorkSpaces helper.

Olikka is an AWS Partner Network (APN) partner with validated Amazon Workspaces capabilities.

How it works

Olikka’s Amazon WorkSpaces Toolkit

Automated Provisioning:
 Controls provisioning and deprovisioning of all your virtual desktops by simply adding or removing a user from an active directory group.

Insights Dashboard:
 Obtains full visibility with a dashboard that provides a high-level overview of your Amazon WorkSpaces environment including the number of connected machines, ping time response of each machine, and the ability to reboot a virtual desktop.

Amazon WorkSpaces Helper: 
Chats with Olikka’s self-service chat bot powered by artificial intelligence (AI), called Ollie to get help with any issues you may have with your Amazon WorkSpaces.

Toolkit Benefits
Olikka with Amazon WorkSpaces provides you with an easy, cost-effective way to bring a secure and broadly accessible desktop experience to your users.

Enhanced End User Experience

Olikka’s proven methodology helps deliver high quality, fully managed, portable desktops and applications, to users on the device of their choice.

Improved Security

Olikka’s methodology helps interweave security into all aspects of your Amazon WorkSpaces, including multi-factor authentication (MFA), encryption settings, OS hardening, and security support requirements.

Better Availability of Applications

Olikka helps integrate applications – one of the main components of your Amazon WorkSpaces, seamlessly with your existing processes so that they are more easily available.

Minimal to No Infrastructure

Amazon WorkSpaces requires only the supporting infrastructure to function. Olikka’s proven methodology helps you identify and configure the right hardware/software services bundle that meets the needs of your users.

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